2016 National Symposium on Student Retention, Norfolk, VA

November 3, 2016

NextGenFirstGen™- Implementing a Cultural Shift and Institutional Change Resulting in Outcomes That Matter

Providing a common language for systemic cultural change occurred through adoption of the Organizational Developmental Model of Inclusion (ODMI) by Saint Mary’s College of California. The ODMI, developed by Moises Baron and Reuben Mitchell, provides a framework for generating policies and practices to assess and instigate organizational change. ODMI implementation involves a continuously evolving, dynamic strategy ensuring all college divisions are devoted to inclusive excellence. The High Potential Sphere of Success (HPSS), a strengths-based leadership, retention, and success initiative embodies institutional dedication to first generation and/or low income students to demonstrate a culture of commencement as a goal in action. Connecting student success to institutional mission through the ODMI has yielded outcomes positively impacting student retention and distinct pathways to graduation. Encouraging a balance of the ideals of collectivist cultures within an individualistic society constitutes a unique approach to cultivating student success. Strategies employed clearly identify how the College’s mission/core principles formed the basis of every interaction with all stakeholders to influence buy-in of this significant narrative change from deficit to strengths based thinking. This paper outlines the steps taken by HPSS program leaders that can be generalized to any institution to activate positive change.

Action Planning Worksheet
ODMI Worksheet

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