2017 NACADA International Conference, Sheffield, United Kingdom

July 10, 2017

Connected: Transforming Advising and Student Success while Leading Institutional Change

Change is often met with resistance for myriad reasons. A collectivist practice includes engaging rather than isolating stakeholders whose past investments in programs/processes are crucial. This interactive session will engage participants in identifying areas where collaboration to align processes with mission can foster positive programming, policy, and institutional change. It is increasingly uncommon for crossover collaboration between academic and student affairs to occur. By framing transformation in the context of institutional mission and the Organizational Developmental Model of Inclusion, faculty and staff can come together to contemplate, deliberate, and implement research driven, high-impact, 21st century advising and student success practices. Mission is accomplished when students successfully transition from dependence to independence to interdependence, leaving college with tools to be successful in a global society.

2017-07-10 NACADA International Presentation

Organizational Developmental Model of Inclusion

2017-07-10 NACADA International Worksheet


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