2017 42nd Annual ASHE Conference, Houston, TX

Friday, November 10, 2017

Intergenerational Trauma and Student Success:  Equity-Based Counternarratives of Power, Strength, and Hope

Intergenerational trauma (IT) adversely affects students, amplifying feelings of incompatibility/ inability to succeed. Stereotype threat, invalidation, constant microaggressions, and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (deGruy, 2005) leave students besieged with messages of inadequacy. Equity-based approaches grounded in critical theory illuminate how IT decreases when valuing, not abrogating, student narratives. Researchers will examine and analyze the  narratives of 54 students who participates in the Saint Mary’s College of California High Potential Program Narrative Project to extract how student’s experiences impact their academic and psychosocial success.

Paper for ASHE

Presentation for ASHE

ASHE GÇô 2017ConferenceLogo_Color

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