2017 42nd Annual ASHE Conference, Houston, TX

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Reframing Success: Attending to Intersectionality to Support Lived Experiences of First Generation College Students

Successful implementation of Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel (DSDM) can support persistence and graduation of first generation (FG) and other marginalized populations, who have been historically and contemporarily denied access to power epicenters. This paper will address intersectionality of identities of FG college students as framed by a new model of student development and student success, the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel (DSDM). The authors will discuss the importance of an intersectionality framework that will allow for a holistic view of college students identity development while implementing high impact practices to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation of FG and low income students.  

Paper for ASHE

Presentation for ASHE


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