2018 Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education National Conference, Oakland, CA

Friday, April 13, 2018

#PinayScholars: Resisting assimilation as scholar practitioners in educational spaces

By: Kristian Ocampo, Katherine Parpana, Tracy Pascua Dea, Terri Luna

This session introduces several Pinays working in Academic & Student Affairs, who explore radical self-love by breaking down barriers of ‘success’ and redefining what it means to be scholar-practitioners. The panelists will explore themes related to Pinayism in education, leadership, and what it means to be visible (and invisible) in a field historically dominated by white womxn. This session is a brief symposium of Pinay scholar-practitioners and their work in education. We will feature 4-6 panelists who will use storytelling as a means to share their background, experiences, philosophies in student affairs, and how critical peminism (pinay feminism) informs their work.


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