2018 Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education, Oakland, CA

Friday, April 13, 2018

Intergenerational Trauma and Student Success:  Equity-Based Counternarratives of Power, Strength, and Hope

Intergenerational trauma (IT) adversely affects students and higher education professionals, amplifying feelings of incompatibility/inability to succeed. Stereotype threat, invalidation, constant microaggressions, and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (deGruy, 2005) leave individuals besieged with messages of inadequacy. Equity-based approaches grounded in critical theory will be presented and will illuminate how IT decreases when valuing, not abrogating, individual narratives.  Tying this pedagogy to learning leads to healing and success. Strategies and approaches can be used in leadership development programs for the Asian American community including students and higher education professionals, and in creating culturally competent curriculum/classroom strategies.

Peer Mentor Leadership Development Program
Asian American Voices in Public History Syllabus



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