2019 ACPA Convention, Boston, MA

March 5, 2019 Next Generation First Generation (NXFG)™ Professionals: Transcending Symbolic Positionality Internalized historical or intergenerational trauma (IHIT) affects next generation/first generation professionals (NXFG), amplifying incompatibility. Symbolic positionality is a consistent theme for NXFG navigating exclusionary spaces, thinking imposter syndrome would dissipate, however oppressive systems persist. Invalidation, constant microaggressions, and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (DuGruy) leave NXFG inundated with messages of inadequacy. Exploring equity- and intersectionality-based approaches grounded in critical theory reveals how IHIT decreases when valuing, not nullifying, narratives. PresentationRead more

Embracing Hispanic Heritage

October 3, 2017 Embracing Hispanic Heritage Message from the Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Gloria Aquino Sosa Dear Saint Mary’s community members, We are midway into national Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration of the intersections of history and experiences of Latin@ cultures, including the commemorations of independence for Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. President Lyndon Johnson initiated the observation of Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, and President Ronald Reagan expanded the celebration in 1988 to 30 days ofRead more

2017 WASC Academic Resource Conference, San Diego, CA

April 20, 2017 Mission Possible: Collectivism and Inclusive Excellence Transforming Student Success While Leading Institutional Change Change is often met with resistance for myriad reasons. A collectivist practice includes engaging rather than isolating stakeholders whose past investments in programs/processes are crucial. Mission is accomplished when students successfully transition from dependence to independence to interdependence, leaving college with tools to be successful in a global society. PresentationRead more

2017 Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE), Oakland, CA

April 7, 2017 Building Bridges:  Connecting the Known with the Unknown in the Career Search Process Navigating your career path can be confusing and daunting.  Private or public?  Two-year or four-year?  Search now or later? Does money matter or not?  Sometimes there are more questions than answers no matter where you are on the career journey.  Whether you are a recent graduate or transitioning careers, actively looking or not, happy or not happy in your current job, this panel willRead more

Living our Mission

To consider how to positively impact student success, one might begin with a self-examination: What did I need when I was starting college? If I was a first generation college student, what was missing? In what ways could my time have been better spent? How could I have maximized my potential and lived through some of the challenges that presented themselves? Self-examination is underrated. Or perhaps, over-discussed. As a mental health counselor, faculty member, and higher education administrator, I constantlyRead more